A Norwegian furry con

14. - 16. June, (13. & 17. June early/late)


Where is Furway being held?

Furway is being held at Olsby. The location lies approximately 13-minutes by car from the nearest train station Tangen station (which is a 55 minute train ride from Oslo Central Station). We're surrounded by beautiful Norwegian nature and it's just one km to Mjøsa, Norway's biggest lake.


How do I get to Furway?

We are setting up a meeting-point at Tangen train station from which we can offer transportation by car the rest of the way. The times we have available drivers are:
Thursday: 14-20
Friday: 12-20
Saturday: 12-20
Sunday: 12-20
Monday: 12-16
Sometime closer to the convention date, we’ll send out a survey about what time people are expecting to arrive at the station and when they need to leave. If you are unable to arrive within the times of the schedule above, please let us know beforehand (that means sooner than the actual day you arrive). You can contact Mouseclick @ telegram, or you can send us an e-mail. If you arrive outside the schedule without having contacted us beforehand we can not guarantee that we have a driver available, so then you might have to get a taxi (and that will easily be 300NOK or more).

The address is: Kongspartvegen 739, 2337 Tangen
Driving on the property is allowed but only for the purpose of dropping off or picking up people or cargo. Information about parking will be updated at a later point.

You need to look up your own route to Oslo Central Station. From there you'll need to take the train [R10 Lillehammer] to Tangen station. (If you're southbound your train might stop at Tangen before Oslo.)

From OSL - Oslo Lufthavn the train [R10 Lillehammer] will take you to Tangen stasjon.



Information about sleep capacity

You must be 18 or older to stay the night.
People under the age of 18 may only purchase day tickets and can not spend the night at the convention.

Olsby has 50 beds inside divided across various room sizes. Remember to bring bedding (sleeping bag/duvet, pillow, sheets) yourself!

We have capacity for 30 people sleeping outside in tents. (You may sleep in your car, but an Outside ticket is still required due to usage of the various facilities, electricity, etc.)  You need to bring your own tent.

Olsby has modern sanitary facilities, meaning several toilets and showers inside. These are in a common area. In addition, there are four outside showers (which the landlord highly recommends during the summer months!).

There's also electricity, so you'll be able to charge your electrical devices.



Food and Servings

Olsby has a professional kitchen, and the Furway staff will cook and serve several meals every day. This table shows which meals are included in the various ticket types:

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have any allergies or intolerances as we need to consider this in the food preparation.

For Information regarding tickets, pricing and registration, please go to the registration page.