Tickets and dates

Registration opens 8th of March 2019, 20:00 CET.

Doors open on June 14th through June 16th and lasts a total of 3 days for those attendees having a regular ticket. For those that wish to extend their stay we have ticket addons for this called Early and Late. Your stay is limited by your ticket.

Tickets and prices:

  • Regular ticket: Stay from friday June 14nd to sunday June 16th.

  • Early - Addon: Arrive on thursday June 13nd.

  • Late - Addon: Departure on monday June 17th.

  • Regular (inside):
    Stay for three days. Includes one bed for two nights, two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners (see information about serving below).

  • Regular (outside):
    Stay for three days. You'll need to bring a tent/car/etc. Otherwise the same as an inside ticket.

  • Early (inside/outside):
    Includes a sleepover (inside or outside), and a breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Late (inside/outside):
    Includes a sleepover (inside or outside), and a breakfast and dinner.

Single-day ticket:
Gives you the oppurtunity to participate Furway. The ticket includes pick-up at Tangen station. Last trip back to Tangen station is at 19:30. Day-tickets are available all days, except Monday. Day-tickets does not include food serving but you're allowed to bring your own food. Contact Atrox on telegram (@AtroxLong) or by phone: +4748605821 to sign up.

Furway and the team greatly appreciates any and all donations made to Furway! Donors help us make an even greater event for everybody!


Return of the Furway sweater!

Due to popular demand, the Furway sweater from 2017 is returning this year

We’ll be selling t-shirts this year as well